Constant improvement, racing engineering,

SoarSeiki proudly presents the 2015-spec S998

With our S998 we attempt to create a stunning product combining creativity and specialty. I have been racing RC all my life and take great pride on my design of the S998. It is the culmination of many years of dedicated work, collaborations with my fellow drivers and customers, and excellence in design and manufacturing from our headquarters here in Taiwan.

I stand firm by my 3 rules: Quality satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and design & function. Strongly believing in the adage "Quality is Power"
My team and I are confident that you will love the S998, enjoy!

Careful consideration to weight distribution, chassis width, chassis length and chassis flex for optimal performance and track handling were incorporated into the design of the chassis.

The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-grade 7075 T6 aluminum, anodized hard coated and machine milled for weight saving and flex in strategic areas without compromising strength or durability whilst gaining optimal car performance and handling.

All screw holes on the bottom of the chassis are 4mm countersunk screws which prevent the common issue of striping and coming loose associated with 3mm screws.

Side guards are made from heat resistant material preventing warping from exhaust system heat. Also strategically designed and molded to protect from side impacts.

CNC machined high grade 7075 T6 Aluminum hard coated shock tower, milled for lightness without compromising strength and durability. Multi point shock and link positions for maximum tuning performance on all surfaces and track conditions.


Diff Output drives are made from high quality harden steel for long wear, CNC machined and lightened for maximum weight saving reducing rotating mass translating to improved acceleration and fuel economy.

The S998 comes with reinforced steering ball-joints which make it stronger to hold out against crashes.

The buggy is fitted with a dual stage air cleaner maximizing clean air and minimizing any debris from entering the engine.

Improved stability and better handling of the car.

The reinforced pivot balls improve the suspension reliability in hard crashes.